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July and November 2021 KNEC Certificates are ready for collection. Any queries regarding the certificates should be raised with the Examination Officer on or before 28th April 2023 to avoid penalties

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Our department is dedicated to nurturing the creativity, talent, and passion of future hairdressers and beauty therapists. Whether you’re a student eager to embark on a rewarding career in the beauty industry or an experienced professional looking to upgrade your skills, we offer a diverse range of programs and resources to 

Building And Construction

Our department is at the forefront of preparing the next generation of builders, architects, and civil engineers for a world that demands sustainable and innovative solutions in construction and infrastructure development. Whether you’re aspiring to design iconic structures, manage complex construction projects, 

Electrical Engineering

The Department strives to provide its trainees with appropriate knowledge and practical skills in electrical engineering so that they become well rounded engineering technicians, who will not only be technically adept but also disciplined and morally upstanding .Prospective trainees are encouraged to apply to the registrar to get more information.

Fashion Design and Clothing Technology

Welcome to the Food and Beverage Department Department at TETU TVC

Our department is dedicated to cultivating the culinary talents and hospitality skills of aspiring chefs, restaurant managers, and food enthusiasts. Whether you’re passionate about creating delectable dishes, managing a bustling restaurant, or exploring the world of food and beverage, we offer a diverse range of programs and resources to help you succeed.


Welcome to the Catering and Accommodation Department at TETU TVC

Our department is dedicated to preparing students for exciting and rewarding careers in the world of hospitality, catering, and accommodation. Whether you’re passionate about creating memorable dining experiences, managing hotels and resorts, or providing top-notch guest services, we offer a range of programs and resources to help you succeed.


In today’s digital age, information and communication technology are at the heart of our daily lives and industries. Our department is committed to preparing students for success in this fast-paced and ever-evolving field. Whether you’re passionate about software development, network administration, cybersecurity, or emerging technologies, we offer a comprehensive range of programs and resources to help you excel.


In the global arena, Science, Technology and Innovation (ST & I) are the drivers for the world’s rapid economic prosperity, social development and provide tools and solutions to address global challenges. For this reason, the government through the Ministry of Education Science and Technology has strengthened the focus of Science, Technology and Innovation and Technical Education (TE) policies as underlying the country’s national development efforts.

The Government’s National Development agenda is clearly outlined in various key policy documents including the Economic Recovery

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