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Tetu Technical & Vocational College was established from Kagwathi primary school through collaboration with the National Government and Tetu NG CDF. The College is located within Nyeri County, Tetu Sub County, Karundu Location, Kianjogu Sub-Location, and Kagwathi Village. The college opened its doors to first group of student in March 2019 and by 30th   June  2019  it  had  a  population  of  89  students.  This  had  been  made possible through support of the Government of Kenya, mentoring institution Michuki T T I and the local community. 

The College has been implementing her Strategic Plan which was developed through a process of wide consultations with key stakeholders who included the College Management, heads of academic and administrative departments where the launch was done on February 2022 at the college grounds. The plan captures Tetu TVC‟s strategic objectives for the period 2020-2025 while taking cognizance of the MoE and TVETA strategic plans from where strategic direction has been designed from. During the Financial year 2022/2023 the college has expanded access to technical & vocational training in by increasing student enrolment levels and providing requisite infrastructure and industry focused programmes. Research & innovations conducted in the institution are expected to help provide solutions to environmental, social, economic and cultural resource utilization challenges facing the Country.

Tetu TVC has also increased equity in the provision of technical & vocational training to disadvantaged groups and created gender balance on the courses offered. Tetu TVC aims at producing trainees who are socially responsible and have skills, attitudes and entrepreneurial spirit necessary in the development of this country as outlined in Vision 2030 and MTP III. The college has engaged the local community by engaging them in provision of unskilled labour and provision of locally grown food stuffs. The college has encouraged the local community to put up hostels for the increasing student population. On giving back to the community, the college has been providing tree seedlings to increase the forest cover and also encouraging the community to grow avocadoes for economic prosperity.

Finally, the College expects community involvement and industry linkages to facilitate its growth as a budding world class institution.The college in conjunction with National government Constituency development fund –Tetu has continuously constructed the perimeter wall, after putting up the gate and provision of the bursary funds to the students as a basis of making the education affordable.The Ministry has provided a dedicated transformer to the college, whose installation is complete. This has gone a long way in making sure that power outages are checked.The County government of Nyeri with the college has succeeded in installing a floodlight to make sure that the college is secure and dearly supported the college in the core-curriculum activities.

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Windows Of Opportunity

Tetu tvc helps to prepare talents from under
represented backgrounds for successful student careers.